When I sat down to write a bio about myself, I started to think of words that described me, because, you know, that’s what people are supposed to do. I’m awesome, I’m really cool, I’m a mom, a wife, all the things, right? One adjective stuck out that describes me the absolute best, HOT MESS. Yes, you read that right, I’m a hot mess trying to juggle everything that I have to do in a day. Most days, I have no idea how I got to the end where I finally get to use my makeup wipe (lets be real, I’m too lazy for those fancy scrubs and masks) take my day off, and lay my head down on the pillow.

In all seriousness though, I really am an amazing wife, mom, Pet Stylist, friend, make up putter onner, clothes putter together-er, and the list goes on. Most importantly, I’m the best me I can attempt to be.

I’m 32, I have a husband who loves me for all the craziness that I am. We have 4 kids, Ethan, he has called Heaven home since he was 7. Ben, he’s 8 and loves baseball and Jesus. Molly is 6 and she’s a miniature version of myself and I’ve come to appreciate Kyle a lot more in having to live with myself. Eli, he’s 4 and our permanent nudist. I can’t get the kid to wear clothes. I’ve got a pack of dogs….Lucy, Coco, Chico, Theodore, Eloise, Ava, & Kevin. What can I say? Dogs are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.
In the midst of all that hot mess home life, I own a Pet Styling Spaw, where I get to cuddle dogs all day long and make them look fabulous. I love love love makeup and the employees at my local Sephora know me on a first name basis. I have a passion for fashion. I love putting the perfect outfit together, even if it’s just to run to Target. Also, shoes. I wear them around the house just to feel fancy. I probably wear heels about 97.3% of my life. I enjoy interior design, but between all the dogs, husband, kids, and life, I don’t have much time for it anymore.

That’s me, in an extremely small nutshell. Join me in my adventures in this little thing called life!



After Kyle Met Jenn on, he came home from their first date and told his mom “Mom, you’ll love her because she paints her toenails!”

Kyle grew up in a small town called Dover, Florida. He was (and mostly still is) a country boy…complete with farmers tan. He has a brother, Stephen (the kids call him Uncle Tee Tee), and was raised around dirt, strawberries, and drinking from a water hose. His Mom and Dad are still living happily in the house that he grew up in, on the farm.

Kyle has a passion for baseball and played it from the age of 4 to 15. He always loved the Braves as a kid, but when the Rays came to town in 1998, they became his team. He now shares his love of the game with Ben and coaches on his team. One of his recent accomplishments in baseball was when he hit a home run last year at the kids charity Home Run Derby at their school, I got it on video so it actually happened.

When he’s not running kids to school, picking them up, shuttling to baseball practice, helping Jenn in the salon, and cuddling puppies….he enjoys Scuba Diving, Spearfishing, hanging out with his favorite wife, and napping.

Although he is quiet, he has a sarcastic sense of humor. He is a lover of all music, especially 80’s and 90’s country. But most importantly, he is a vital party of the Bethune Bunch and I couldn’t do everything that I do without him!


The Bethune Bunch wouldn’t be the chaos that is is without talking about these 4…


This kid was absolutely amazing in every way. I have always said that I wanted to be like him when I grew up. He was fearless, empathetic, and compassionate. He never met a stranger and always made you feel loved and welcomed, just with his words. Sadly, he was killed in a car accident in September 2011, we were on our way to Disney for his 7th birthday. We keep him alive every day in our hearts, preserving his memory. Ethan is a major part of my story and I may have given birth to him, be he gave ME life.


Ben loves baseball and Jesus. When he grows up, he is either going to be a pitcher or a preacher. He wakes up every morning to give me a hug and tuck his head into my chest while whispering “I love you momma”. Him and his sister fight like cats and dogs, so I’m hoping when they get older, they’ll actually love each other. If he isn’t at school, he is on the baseball field, or in the back yard with a baseball in his hand. 


My Mother always told me “I hope you have a daughter that is JUST like you one day”….that came true times 10. Molly is the spitting image of me in every single way. I feel bad for Kyle, he now gets to live with 2 of us. She loves to get messy, but can do it in a tutu. She is one of the most thoughtful humans I have ever known, she will think of everyone before herself. If you asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, she will say “I want to have a gold subscribe button and be a YouTube Star”


I am fairly certain that he is going to grow up and continue being a nudist. I can’t even bribe this kid to wear clothes. Even now, as I’m typing his bio, he is doing cannonballs in the pool…..naked. Really though, he is the addition that we never knew we needed. He is a spitfire and mildly psychotic at times, but he definitely brings spontaneity to our lives. 


As a child, you really never know what you’re going to grow up to be. For me, my mother was a hairdresser and I knew I definitely didn’t want to do that. Stubborn teenagers usually do the exact opposite…

When I was 17, I applied for my first Job at PerSmart. The Salon Manager (who has become my sister and my person) came out and asked me if I’d like to be a dog bather. Loving new and exciting opportunities, I immediately said yes.

From there, they sent me to Grooming Academy, where I became a Groomer. Once I mastered my grooming skills, they trained me to be a Salon Manager. During that time span, I managed 3 different salons within PetSmart. Shortly after I became a manager, they sent me for Academy Instructor Training. When I returned, I hosted 4 week academies, teaching students how to groom. That was the most rewarding my grooming career was, molding groomers minds and hands to become patient and kind groomers….well, until now….

Now, I’ve opened up my own salon where it’s just me (sometimes there’s guest appearances by my husband and 3 kids), I can take my time that each pet needs. I’m not rushed to get as many dogs in as possible. It’s a quiet environment that the customers can see everything, there’s no hidden rooms or closed doors where you don’t know what’s happening to your pet. With social media exploding of groomers being exposed in videos abusing dogs, it was important to me that clients feel as comfortable as possible leaving their dogs with me.









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